Get out and VOTE

I had a great experience today. My family and I have become very involved in a particular political issue and I spent the day campaigning for it. For most of the afternoon, I stood shoulder-to-shoulder with people who oppose my point of view, both sides campaigning vigorously, yet both sides remaining respectful of the other. When the day was over, we still didn't agree with each other, but we did agree on one thing: we were thankful to live in a country where we could freely express our views without threat or fear.

On Tuesday we will have the opportunity to participate in one of the most momentous elections in a generation. Much is at stake in many different areas. We at Willow Ridge Capital Advisors urge all who are eligible to exercise your franchise responsibly. Please take time to study the issues and vote according to your conscience.

May God bless you in your decisions; may God bless America.