Willow Ridge Capital Advisors launches new wealth protection blog

MONTEREY & PLEASANTON, CA  Willow Ridge Capital Advisors today launched a new blog dedicated to helping families, business owners and trustees gain insights on strategies for protecting wealth.  The Smart Nest Egg blog (www.SmartNestEgg.com) provides information on topics as simple as saving and investing to advanced estate planning techniques.

"There is a lot of bad information about personal finance on the internet, primarily because they're based on incorrect principles," said Steve Merrell, CEO.  "In some cases, our ideas are pretty unique because we don't follow the traditional Wall Street mentality.  In other cases, we try to provide new insights on well-known concepts to help people understand these principles better."

"Our clients have a new way of staying in touch with our thoughts on topics such as economic events, financial planning, estate planning, investment strategies and a whole lot more," said Gary Alt, co-founder and managing partner.  "Response from our clients has been positive as we continue ot being more services to them.

The Smart Nest Egg blog is available at www.SmartNestEgg.com.