Heavy lifting: In 2009, the average American will work 103 days to pay their tax burden

Every year the nonpartisan Tax Foundation puts together a report detailing the number of days the average American will spend working to earn enough to pay their federal, state and local tax obligations. If you are the average American, you will work 103 days in 2009 to pay your taxes. If, like me, you're an American living in California, your magic number is 110 days. That means that every dollar you earned through April 22nd went to Uncle Sam and his various shirt tail relations. Ouch!

Most people tend to think about taxes in terms of income taxes, but that is only the beginning. Here is the Tax Foundation's breakdown of the different kinds of taxes we pay and the number of days we spend working to pay them:

  • Individual income taxes(38 days)
  • Social insurance taxes (27 days)
  • Sales & excise taxes(15 days)
  • Property taxes(12 days)
  • Corporate income taxes (6 days)
  • Other taxes (4 days)
  • Estate & gift taxes (16 hours)