Here's how inflation can kill your lifestyle

Inflation is destructive, but most people don't notice it because its damage is slow and silent.  It's a lot like putting on three pounds of weight every year.  The first year or two you probably won't notice it, but keep adding it on and after ten years those thirty pounds will have forced you into an entirely new wardrobe.  After twenty years and sixty additional pounds you'll be barely recognizable from your healthier self and you'll probably be suffering from a few ailments as well.

Inflation sneaks up on you just like gaining weight.  The Consumer Price Index (CPI) is the most widely used measure of inflation, and it averaged 3.2% from 1930-2009.  At this rate, prices double about every twenty-two years.  Most of us don't pay attention to the cost of a loaf of bread today vs. two years ago, but over time the price differences are shocking.  Here are some price comparisons to consider: