Fiduciary Promise

We are 100% fee-only.  Unlike many financial advisors, Monterey Private Wealth is a fiduciary for our clients, and we put that in writing with our Fiduciary Promise.  

  • We don't accept commissions, bonuses or kickbacks from any investment companies for recommending them to our clients.
  • We put your interests first – ahead of our own.
  • We act in utmost good faith and undivided loyalty to you.
  • We make recommendations only after understanding your investment objectives, financial situation and concerns.
  • We act diligently and exercise professional competence.
  • We eliminate conflicts of interest wherever possible, and provide full and fair disclosure for conflicts that are unavoidable.
  • We provide you with a full and transparent disclosure of all fees.
  • We don't accept payments from other professionals for referring you to them.

We operate with complete transparency, avoid conflicts of interest, and disclose all details, fees and expenses.  We take the time to thoroughly explain everything in plain English.

To schedule a private consultation with one of our financial advisers, call us at 831-372-3426 or 925-462-8005