At Monterey Private Wealth,  we are a fiduciary, which means we are legally and ethically bound and registered by the Securities and Exchange Commission to always put your interests first.

Many financial advisors do not operate by this standard. They may sell you financial products because they make a commission for themselves, but not necessarily because the investments are in your best interest.

Read our entire Fiduciary Promise below. Our top priority is always to serve our clients’ best interests. Our standards are extraordinary – not just because they’re what we expect from ourselves…but because they’re what our clients deserve.

Our Fiduciary Promise

  • We will put your interests first – ahead of our own.
  • We will act in utmost good faith and undivided loyalty to you.
  • We will make recommendations only after understanding your investment objectives, financial situation and concerns.
  • We will act diligently and exercise professional competence.
  • We will eliminate conflicts of interest wherever possible, and provide full and fair disclosure for conflicts that are unavoidable.
  • We will provide you with a full and fair disclosure of all fees.
  • We will not accept payments for recommending any investment to you.
  • We will not accept payments from other professionals for referring you to them.

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