Tips for Preserving and Growing Wealth

The articles below highlight some of the most important tips for preserving and growing wealth.  You’ll find ideas on retirement, budgeting, estate planning, Social Security strategies and investing.  For more information and to schedule a no-obligation, private consultation with a financial adviser, please call us at 831-372-3426 or use our contact form.  We have offices in Monterey and Pleasanton California, and we serve clients throughout the entire San Francisco Bay area, Monterey Peninsula and Central Coast.

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7 Simple Caution Flags in Investing

Someone recently asked me "how do I know if my mother should trust her investment advisor?  I've met him and I don't have a good feeling about him at all."

After looking at many investments and dealing with a lot of people over the years, here are a few things to watch out for to stay out of deep water.

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Maximize Married Social Security Benefits: Part 1

Question: I am married and my wife will be able to collect her own social security benefits base on her work experience, although they will not be quite as much as mine.  We have not signed up for benefits yet.  I am turning 66 and my wife is 64, what do you suggest?

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Star-crossed: Learning From Celebrity Estate Planning Mistakes

I'm not a big fan of celebrity gossip, but when I came across Trial & Heirs list of Top 10 Celebrity Estate Planning Mistakes, I couldn't resist. You will recognize the names, but you may be surprised that despite fame and fortune, they made the same mistakes common to a more terrestrial crowd.

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When Your Retirement Dream Can Hurt You

Somewhere in our culture's past, the ability to retire early became a mark of success.  I admit, it sounds enticing.  Walking out of the office one last time when you're 55, young enough to enjoy a long life, sounds like a dream.  The thought of golfing every weekday while ex-collegues fight rush hour traffic to sit in a cubicle for eight hours surely must be gratifying.  Unfortunately, it's not healthy for you.

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Find Satisfaction in Life with a Values-based Budget

If you have struggled with keeping your consumption habit under control, I offer the following suggestions. Some of these will take real effort and an investment of time. You may even find it helpful to work through these items with a spouse or trusted friend. Bear in mind that these aren't quick fixes, but with consistent effort they will become satisfying habits of a new frugality.

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